We inspire, entertain, persuade and innovate. We are the Friday Film House – equal parts Production Company, Creative Agency and Post House. Filmmaking is our fervor! We relish the entire creative process, right from story initialization to the gritty and maverick shoots and finally to ardently molding the end product into a film that is set to pulse among audience.

We are first and foremost the audience and we ensure that we are in tune with the ever changing beat of the viewers. We strive to deliver delightful entertainers with an intelligent message that you are bound to take home with you! With an incredible platform like the silver screen at our fingertips, we strive to be responsible and creative entertainers.

In pursuit of the magic that is Cinema, Friday Film House has brought many a dreams to reality. Our first venture “Friday”, a slice of life movie, was our stepping stone into the magical world of movies. Met with critical appreciation as well as commercial success, Friday Film House set out to change the face of Cinema with our kitty of projects that had both mass as well as intellectual appeal!

The right push in the direction of the world of Cinemas was through our maiden endeavor, Innovative Concepts, a creative communications agency that promoted and encouraged novel thinking and innovative originality. Still an integral part of our Friday Film House, our communications agency paved our path into the world of magical Cinema.

Our team of management experts, an eclectic mix of tested veterans and exciting young talent whose specialties run the gamut of excellent story and script selection capabilities to extraordinary special effects skill; we are a fun group! It’s a rare workday that isn’t filled with laughter and a variety of fun. This is our playing field. We look forward to meeting you. Guests are always welcome and we can definitely share a cup of coffee!

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